The Most Effective Study Skill

Invest in your ability to learn

Almost everything you know about how to study and learn is probably wrong!  

New advances in neuroscience have offered us concreate techniques for becoming more productive learners.


For $1 dollar you will learn the most important study skill for school and for lifelong learning.  This one fundamental study method is proven to work based upon the latest neuroscience research. 



By investing in yourself and by learning how to learn you will start to lay the foundation for lifelong learning. 

If you invest in this course you will have access to the Learning Frames website, other fee online courses, a 5 step study method handout and insights into the Learing Frames System for personalize self-directed learning. 

Brought to you by Learning Frames, LLC:  

Learning Frames is a system for creating learning goals that will empower you to have control over your educational experiences.

What's included?

2 Videos
3 Quizzes
3 Surveys
6 Texts
1 Download
3 Presentations
Shane Lester
Shane Lester
Learning Strategist

About the instructor

Shane Lester earned a Bachelor’s of Science degree in Professional Writing and a Master’s of Science degree in Instructional Technology with an emphasis in Learning Psychology from Utah State University. Shane has had a dual corporate careers in training design and software product design.
Shane has published four books and is now on a mission to help people analyze their failures and create learning strategies to help them achieve their goals.

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Become a better learner and create your own learning experiences. 

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