Learning at a conference is not something you should leave to chance.

I remember my first profession conference.  I didn’t have a clue what to do or why I was really there. Every conference since then has had a mix of exiting events, engaging speaker all blended with boring content and boring speakers that makes me want to doze off.  


With experience I’ve learned to navigate conferences more productively, but like you it is easy to get lost in the crowd and not really focus on learning.

I then realized something: 

What is the one thing you can control at your next conference?  

Your ability to learn. 

Really!  You can take control of learning what matters to you. 

Despite the instructors ability to teach or share information, you can maximize your ability to learn and transform the information into actionable intelligence for buildings a business strategy or advancing your career.

Knowledge is power, and learning is the oxygen of success.  

Before you attend your next conference take steps to ensure that you are maximizing your learning and meeting your business goals. Empower your mind by learning how to learn at a conference and how to use the best tools to make the experience more enjoyable.

Based upon the latest research in neuroscience and with decades of personal research and experience I have developed a Learning Tool kit for any conference, seminar or webinar.  

The Learning Tool Kit is comprised of an online learning experience, a workbook and a job aid to help you organize a learning goal for any conference. 

What you will learn:

  • How to reframe learning to maximize your conference experience 

  • How to ask the best questions

  • How to take notes effectively

  • How to prepare for post conference discussions and sharing with coworkers and management

By the end of this course you will be able to:

  • Create a learning goal for the conference and each session

  • Capture key information from the conference 

  • Share new and difficult concepts with co-workers in a way that increases your knowledge capital 

  • Unlock your potential as a learner by creating a mindset for learning 

  • Build a framework for active learning and continuous improvement for all future conferences, seminars, workshops and work meetings

Before you go to your next conference invest in your ability to focus, learn and share important insights and knowledge.  

Special Summer Price of $9.99

learn more at www.learning-frames.com

Course Curriculum

About the instructor

Learning Strategist

Shane Lester

Shane Lester earned a Bachelor’s of Science degree in Professional Writing and a Master’s of Science degree in Instructional Technology with an emphasis in learning psychology from Utah State University. Shane has had a dual corporate careers in training design and software product design. Shane has published four books and is now on a mission to help people analyze their failures and create learning strategies to help them achieve their goals.

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Learn more about it at www.learning-frames.com

Before you go to your next conference invest in your ability to focus, learn and share important insights and knowledge.  

Special Summer Price of $9.99

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