Are you learning from failure?  

Are you making the same mistakes again and again?  

Are you still missing your goals?  

Was success within your reach, but it got away?


Why don’t good ideas ever make you rich?  


Are your habits really changing?


How you view change, learning, and your mindset toward failure is the reason why you have not achieved your goals.  Success is all about learning.  How you view learning will determine your level of achievement.   


From birth, your mind has naturally viewed situations and experiences in terms of learning.  You have been creating Learning Frames to explore and explain the world around you.  


A Learning Frame is how people view change, how they view learning, and their mindset toward failure and success.  


What Learning Frames have you created about success and failure?  


Do you own your Learning Frame or does it own you? 


How do you change your Learing Frame so that you can learn from failure rather than being a victim of failure?

Based upon the New Book Learning Frames: How to Learn From Failure


This Learning Frames course is a systematic approach to changes your behavior and mindset, helping you learn your way to success. 


Based upon neuroscience and instructional design principles, creating a purposeful and personalized Learning Frame will help you diagnose learning needs, formulate learning goals, and implement appropriate learning strategies.   


When life throws you a curve ball and unexpected things happen that make achieving your goals difficult you need to put it in your Learning Frame.  Framing your experiences as something to learn from helps you understand that success is not the absence of failure.  Failure teaches you how to move forward.  

Here is what you will experience In this course:


  • How to learn from your failures 
  • How to overcome the fear of failure 
  • Finding purpose in learning and understand the relationship between passion and your ability to learn
  • More clarity on the value of failure within the context of success
  • A way to build your own framework or system centered around learning 
  • Insight into why you continue to fail when you read books and take courses like this, but never make a change
  • Understand the nature of perception and intelligence 
  • How a new system for personalized learning (Learning Frames) sets you up for the journey of learning and success
  • Identify factors that are affecting your ability to be successful
  • Identify the life choices you are making that affect your ability to learn
  • Understand the nature of learning from neuroscience research
  • Understand how mindset can change your learning experiences  
  • Be able to use analysis skills to see what gaps you have and what learning goals you need to create  
  • Recognize the difference between learning styles and preferences and how you can set yourself up for success during the journey of learning
  • Identify learning goals that will engage your interest and imagination
  • Understand how memory works
  • Understand how grit can be an unproductive attribute of learning
  • How to have effective study habits by following methods and techniques based upon neuroscience 
  • In your own words explain and recognize how your learning narrative has affected your ability to learn and be evaluated
  • How to create learning strategies that are targeted for your personal success

***Bonus ***

When you purchase “How to Learn From Failure” e-learning experience, you will also get a free copy of two ground breaking books by Shane Lester: "Learning Frames" and "The Value of Failure."

***A Value of $14***

Achievements are the result of learning how to overcome and learn from failure.


Creating a personalized Learning Frame in this course is a systematic approach to change your learning behavior and mindset.  


The next time you fail to reach your goal you will know how to learn from that failure and learn your way to success.

Course Curriculum

  • 1

    Welcome to the Learning Frames course!

    • How To Know If You Need Learning Frames

    • How to use this course

    • Key objective:

    • Learning Frames Course Goals

    • A Message From the Instructor

    • How to Pass this Course

    • Before we begin...

  • 2

    Reason Learning Frame

    • What is the Reason for Learning?

    • Key objectives

    • Learning Frames Workbook

    • The Power of Metacognition

    • Why do you want to learn?

    • The Why of Learning

    • How Does Your Brain Work?

    • How to Switch on Active Learning

    • What do you know about Grit?

  • 3

    Analysis Learning Frame

    • Are you a good learner?

    • Key Ojectives

    • The Key to the Analysis Frame

    • Life and Learning

    • How Behaviors Affect Learning

    • What are your learning behaviors

    • Learning the Rules for Life

    • Learning Frames for Life Laws Handout

    • How to A.C.E. Learning

    • Mindset for Learning

    • Mindset Assessment

    • Mental Models for Learning

    • What is Your Learning Objective

  • 4

    Stratedgy Learning Frame

    • Learning by Doing

    • Key Objectives

    • Intro to the Stratedgy Frame

    • What is a Learning Strategy

    • What is a Learning Strategy Handout

    • Strategy for Active Learning

    • How Memory Works

    • Making Learning Goals

    • The Power of Focus

    • How to Study and Learn

  • 5

    Evaluation Learning Frame

    • How to Learn from Failure

    • Key Objectives

    • Intro to Evaluation Frame

    • Test Your Cognitive Biases

    • Ways we delude ourselves

    • Create a Testing Strategy

    • How to Build A Retrieval Practice System

    • Learn to Adapt When you Fail

    • Examples of The Value of Failure

  • 6

    Next steps

    • More resources for you

    • Free book: Learning Frames

    • Free Book: The Value of Failure

    • Before you go...

About the instructor

Learning Strategist

Shane Lester

Shane Lester earned a Bachelor’s of Science degree in Professional Writing and a Master’s of Science degree in Instructional Technology with an emphasis in learning psychology from Utah State University. Shane has had a dual corporate careers in training design and software product design. Shane has published four books and is now on a mission to help people analyze their failures and create learning strategies to help them achieve their goals.

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